Conductive Garments

Hard to Reach : TENS Units & Conductive Garments

The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units for the treatment of chronic and/or post-surgical pain is well-documented and widespread by doctors of various specialties. TENS units use a small electrical current delivered through the skin to nerves with the use of electrodes. They have been known to alter a patient’s perception of pain […]

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Differences in Electrotherapy : TENS, IF, MICRO, and EMS

Before discussing the differences in Electrotherapy, there needs to be a complete understanding of how it actually works. Electrotherapy is a frequently prescribed treatment modality with the ability to target a multitude of acute and chronic musculoskeletal aliments. Electrotherapy quite simply transfers a measured, safe electrical current from a power source device to the soft […]

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