A Guide to Getting New Patients : Rule #1

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The first rule in getting new patients is to know that unless the person your speaking to has a problem you’re not going to going to get a new patient.

Listen, if they don’t have a problem, you’re NOT getting a new patient…it’s that simple.

To give you an example of this, the following questions were answered by a person (we’ll call him Jack)… all with a resounding NO! Take a look at what I mean:

Doc: “Do you have any headaches?”
Jack: “No”
Doc: “How about back pain?”
Jack: “No”
Doc: “Digestive troubles?”
Jack: “No”
Doc: “Do you have any problems at all?”
Jack: “No”
Doc: “Well Jack we’re offering people a free health exam with free X-rays would you like do it?”
Jack: “No”

That’s right, NO, NO, NO brings you 0 new patients!… and that brings us to Rule Number Two.

Rule #2: Any new patient marketing should be problem based. I’ll cover this one in greater detail in the next post.

To Your Success,
Dr. David Singer

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