A Guide to Getting New Patients : Rule #2

Getting New Patients

In the last post I alluded to rule #2 for getting new patients, and I am going to give you the full account right here.

New patient marketing to be effective, should be problem based, but what does that mean? Let me explain:

You can’t get a new patient if they don’t have a problem, so the smart doctors go fishing for problems. Problems bring you new patients.

In other words, if you ran an ad in the paper that says–RELEASE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!– nobody would show up, but run an ad for “Get rid of Arthritis” and they’ll come.

Let’s say you go out and do screenings and you set up booth and put your sign up that says –FREE POSTURE SCREENING– and I’m right across from and my booth says FREE TREATMENT FOR PAIN…who going to get more interest?

Let’s forget that I am offering treatment for a second and take a look at the message. Do you see why I would get more new patients than you in the above scenario?

The people who come to me are instantly more receptive because I am immediately addressing a problem they have.

I am offering to fix their problem and even though I don’t know what their exact problem is yet, I know I have at least some solution for whatever their problem might be.

But, let me make this point crystal clear.

If you are going to a corporation to give a lecture or talk to their office employees and you had a choice about what to talk about would you choose to talk about ergonomics or about digestive troubles?

Ergonomics right?


Although placing your chair in the right position or angle to your computer screen might be useful information, it will not bring you new patients! Why? Because it is not problem-based.

Conversely, who would show-up at your talk about digestive troubles? Everyone who does show up there would have digestive troubles. You would have a room full of people with a problem that you can fix.

Posing a problem and having the solution is part of successful marketing campaign. But you must present the problem, then, and only then will the people looking for that solution show up to your door.

Which brings us to Rule #3, knowing what to ask your new patient once he arrives. These are nine words that you must impress into the core of your brain if you ever want to have super new patient success.

These nine words can transform a mediocre practice into a well expanding literally overnight. I will reveal those nine words to you in the next lesson.

To Your Success,
Dr. David Singer

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