A Guide to Getting New Patients : Rule #3

New Patient

Now, the nine words I am about to tell you have literally built multi-million dollar practices. I have been teaching these words for the last 30 years…because they work!

Now you need to impress these words into your brain and never vary from them, by that I mean just say it as it is.

O.K. Are you ready? Here you go:

Do you have any health problems that concern you?

That’s it. Ask every new patient and every person you meet and watch your new patients start to come into your office.

How will asking a simple question over and over to different people increase my practice you ask?

Here’s the answer…just do it for one week and you will have the answer to this question.

Of course, there is always the person who will tell you “nothing, absolutely nothing concerns me.” But, there is way to handle this person so that they too understand what you’re really asking and how you can help. Then they will actually want to talk to you about their health. But, you have to use the right message for this type of person.

What is that message?

That is what I will cover in my next post…see you then.

To Your Success,
Dr. David Singer

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