A Guide to Getting New Patients : Rule #4

Getting New Patients

Rule # 3 for getting new patients was asking the right question to initiate a response that would be conducive to what you do…namely help people get healthy.

In order to get people healthy, you have to first find out what is wrong them. Sounds simple right? Then why do so many chiropractors ask the wrong question?

As I said earlier, the only question that should be asked is “Do you have any health problem that concerns you?” This question will lead you into a conversation about what ails the person, and leads into you offering the solution that they seek.

But what about the person who responds with, ” Nothing. Absolutely nothing concerns me.”

You simply rephrase the question this way:

“Well let me ask you this. If you could change or improve ANYTHING at all about your body or health, what would it be?”

The patient responds, ” Well I would like to be able to…” and you off into conversation about what they want. That is the key to communicating to a new patient…finding out what they want.

By simply rephrasing the question, it triggers the mind to respond where the person would not respond before because they truly believe that there is nothing wrong. But when you approach them what they would like to improve, well, who doesn’t want to improve some part of their body.

The whole process is done this way to get the patient to open up and speak with you. Only then can you determine if you can help them or not.

So if they absolutely beleive there is no concern about their health, ask them what they would like to improve and take it from there.

The last rule in getting a new patient is the most important. You can put these first 4 steps into use and if you don’t implement step 5, then you have wasted all your time and effort.

It is the most crucial part of getting a new patient and unfortunately for most chiropractors, it gets left out or not included at all.

By knowing this step and using it, you will have more new patients who refer more new patients, who refer more new patients…and so on.

To Your Success,
Dr. David Singer

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