A Guide to Getting New Patients : Rule #5

Getting New Patients

O.K. You have a new patient in front of you who just told you his health concerns – what do you do now?

You tell him you can fix the problem (assuming you can)… right? YES!

But, just telling him that you can help him is not enough…he has to KNOW you are the doctor that will fix this problem if he is going to have any type of relationship with you.

You see, we have all had “snake oil” sold to us at one time or another. We are naturally skeptical because of this and because Chiropractic has been mistakenly perceived as a method to handle back problems and not the whole body, we continue to receive some skepticism from the average American.

When we tell them we can handle their weight problem, fibromyalgia or whatever health concern their having they look at you funny, I’m sure this may have happened to you.

In other words, no one will go to see you UNLESS you know how to fix them…and they absolutely positively have to KNOW that you can. So how do you get them to know you are the doctor for the job?

It’s in the way you present yourself to your patient.

Have you ever wondered how average run-of-the-mill doctors have a packed and running at full steam practice while other more superior doctors have a practice that is barely surviving?

Knowing how to communicate is one of the most vital things any chiropractor can learn.

Let me reiterate the 5 Rules here;

1. There MUST be a problem with someone before they seek help.

2. ALL promotional materials should be problem based (offer a solution to a specific problem).

3. Ask as many people as you can this question, “Do you have any health problems that concern you?” This step alone could put more people in front of you than you’ve seen all of last year!

4. Know how to rephrase the question if someone answers “No” to the above question. Many people live with pain and discomfort for so long they no longer consider it to be a problem. By simply rephrasing the question and asking “If there was anything about your body or health you would like to change or improve, what would be?” you open the door to a realization from the patient.

This question bypasses the person’s pain or discomfort (that he no longer considers to be a problem because he has lived with it for so long) and triggers a response of how they would like to feel about their body and/or health.


5. The patient MUST KNOW that you can fix his problem.

When you think of the doctor/patient relationship, you must realize below that “social veneer” is a person who truly wants health and wellness. These people have been lied to, swindled in one way or another and have been subject to poor opinions in the past.

Just take a look at the current “cures” being sold on television and in print ads everyday!

People tend to “button up” to some degree until they absolutely KNOW you are the doctor who can help. To help them to KNOW that, you have to gain their trust through honest communication. Never sugar-coat your report of findings because you think you may upset someone.

People are tougher than most doctors give credit for, and far more receptive to urgency and truth than they are to “pleasing conversation” you think they may want hear. Always make sure your patient knows the implications of ANY health problem that you are aware of and they will respect you for your honesty.

Now this does not mean you have to be “brutally honest.” There is always a way to communicate to patients without going over the top, and most of the time, that is the single difference between a mediocre doctor whose practice is full and a superior doctor whose practice barely surviving.

The KEY is to help the patient not minimize his own health. As I stated earlier, people learn to live with problems that carry on for so long that they no longer consider it to be a real problem. The effective doctor knows how to maximize the condition of the patient so that he REALLY starts to see how bad his condition really is.

The doctor who can effectively communicate his findings to his patient in way that his patient really “gets it,” is a trusted doctor who never has any lack of patients. I go into alot more detail on my teleconference about this that I would like to invite you to.

For just $19, I’m going to give you two internal techniques and two extrenal marketing techniques that can flood your practice with new ones, but, you have to have a frim grasp of these five rules to be successful. Join me on the call and I’ll give you the key to practice expansion for the rest of your days as a chiropractor. I hope to hear from you on the call.

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To Your Success,
Dr. David Singer

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